Gethsemane United Methodist ChurchOCTOBER 2020 Sunday                Monday​      Tuesday                 Wednesday          Thursday                  Friday​​    Saturday    ​                  1  Co-Ed Volleyball6:30 pm 2 Saturday 38 am HungryWarriors @Kwik Fill restaurant  
4Building Fund offering SundayWest Branch MinisteriumCompassion WalkRegis-1:00Walk-1:30 Palestine Ch.5Karate 6:00 pm Team Leaders7:00 pm Library68am Quilting 3 pm Afterschool Program 6:30 Fingers of Faith7 pm Garden Circle in Library79 am – Clothes Closet openWB  Food Pantry 9 AMA-M6:30 pm – Grow Like a Willow-Library 8  Co-Ed Volleyball6:30 pm 9  10
11  Food Bank   Sunday  126:30  pm Karate7 pm Daycare Board  138 am Quilting 3 pm Afterschool Program 6:30 Fingers of Faith-Library14    9 am – Clothes Closet open  15Co-Ed Volleyball 6:30 pm   16   17   8 am HungryWarriors @Kwik Fill restaurant   
18    Missions Offering Sunday  196:30  pm KarateLeadership Council7:00 pmSanctuary 20    8 am Quilting3 pm Afterschool Program6:30 Fingers of Faith in Library 219 am – Clothes Closet open9 am Food Pantry N-Z6:30 pm – Grow Like a Willow-Library 22Co-Ed Volleyball6:30 pm 23 24    
25   HUBOffering Sunday266:30  pm Karate    278am Quilting3 pm Afterschool Program6:30 Fingers of Faith289 am – Clothes Closet open  29Co-Ed Volleyball6:30 pm  30    31       

            SUNDAY WORSHIP 9:00 AM                        SUNDAY SCHOOL FOR ALL AGES 1-100,  10:30 AM Soon

Should you have any additions, corrections, needs, concerns or questions, please phone the church office for help.  345-6860,  

Jeff Ennis Secretary

Should you need Pastoral care, please phone Pastor Chris @ the Parsonage 345-6911, or his Cell 

phone 876-0338  and should you not reach him, please try the Church Office 345-6860. 

Daycare Office Phone, Director Joy Billings 345-3809.  

The calendar contains normally scheduled events. At this time the only groups   meeting is Our Congregation for services on Sunday, Fingers of Faith, Grow Like a Willow, Garden Circle and our Food Pantry, (DRIVE THROUGH). I will contact everyone accordingly when and if changes are made that affect the Gethsemane Calendar.  Jeff

Sunday School, prayer groups and so on will be up and running shortly. God has been waiting for us…