Our History

On March 2, 1987, 15 area United Methodist congregations met at Oak Grove Church, West Decatur to discuss a possible realignment of churches. They decided to enter into a study to determine how the realignment would best work but after the study, the congregations of Allport, Centre Hill, Kylertown and Munson, voted to merge into one congregation.

In November of 1987 we held our first building committee meeting. In March 1988, we voted to name our new congregation Gethsemane and we would celebrate worship in the Kylertown church and raise funds to build a new building.

On July 1, 1988 the four churches were officially incorporated into one congregation. We celebrated the leadership of Rev Thomas Searfoss, Rev Mark Woodring and Rev Harold Knepp who help guide us in the many decisions we needed to make.

In December we purchased land from the West Branch School district and three other individuals and June 1992 saw us breaking ground for our building. Rev Ashley Horner led us in our first worship service in September 12, 1993.

Since then we have built a new parsonage and an addition of a gym, extra classrooms, social hall and larger office for the pastor.

The Lord has led us on a great mission. We look forward to where he will lead us next.