November calendar

Gethsemane United Methodist ChurchNOVEMBER 2020 Sunday                Monday​      Tuesday                 Wednesday          Thursday                  Friday​​    Saturday    ​  1  Building FundOffering SundayAll Saints DayCommunion SundayGethsemaneFamous Fruit Cakes go on sale TODAY  2  6:30 Team LeadersHope Hall   SOUP SALES TOOFFICE BY 12 pm 36:30 pm Fingers of Faith-Library  4  9:00 AM Food Pantry Families A-M  Grow Like A WillowLibrary-6:30 PM    5   6     7     
8  WEST BRANCHFOOD  PANTRYSUNDAY 97 pm   Day Care Board-Library   10  6:30 pm Fingers of Faith  11  12 SOUP MAKING TODAY9:00 AM13 SOUP MAKING TODAY9:00 AM  14Soup pickup Hope hall 11AM-1PM 
15  Missionary Offering Sunday 167 pm  Leadership CouncilHope Hall    176:30 pm Fingers of Faith-Library  18   9 – 11 am Food PantryFamilies N -ZGrow Like A Willow 6:30 PM-Library  19   2021  
22HUB Offering Sunday 23  24 6:30 pm Fingers of Faith crochet group-Library25  26  27               28  
295th SundayAll Fruitcake orders due today. In office, on desk30   316:30 pm Fingers of Faith crochet groupLibrary    


Should you have any additions, corrections, needs, concerns or questions, please phone the church office for help.  345-6860,

Jeff Ennis Secretary

Should you need Pastoral care, please phone Pastor Chris @ the Parsonage 345-6911, or his Cell

phone 876-0338  and should you not reach him, please try the Church Office 345-6860 or phone Jeff @ 577-0098

Daycare Office Phone, Director Joy Billings 345-3809.

The calendar contains the programs and groups that are currently gathering here at Gethsemane. At this time the only groups meeting are our Congregation for services on Sunday, Fingers of Faith, Grow Like a Willow, Garden Circle and our Food Pantry, (DRIVE THROUGH ONLY). I will contact everyone accordingly when and if changes are made that affect the Gethsemane Calendar.  Jeff