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    Greeters: Today 04/28/24
    April 21, 2024
    Thank you all.
    Remember to order your dinners TODAY!!!
    Come help and join the fun!!!!!!!
    Dana Bean
    Lillian Beveridge
    & Jane Dixon
    Acolyte: Braden Bush Bryce Bush
    9-11 am
    Bake Steak Dinner Schedule for April 27th!
    Make pie shells – prep veggies for slaw Make pepper slaw
    Fry Steaks
    Fill pies
    Fill apple sauce & pepper slaw Cutpies& Fillboxes
    Apr. 23 Apr. 24 Apr. 26
    Let’s send a Little Blessing with a card.
    Our Encouragement Members for the month of April are:
    6:00 pm Tues. 10:00 am Wed. 7:00 am Fri 6:00 am Sat.
    Dolores Lidgett
    Darlene Kolesar
    3726 Casanova Road Munson, PA 16860
    246 Pine Street Allport, Pa 16821
    Apr. 27 After pies are done.
    Tues. Wed. Sat.
    Mon. Tues. Wed.
    Thrus. Sun
    Mon. Wed. Thurs.
    Apr. 22
    Apr. 23 Apr. 24 Apr. 27
    Apr. 29 Apr. 30 May 1
    May 2 May 12
    May 13 May 15 May 16
    May 20
    After School Program 3:30 – 4:45 pm DayCareBoard 6pm
    Finger’s of Faith – 6 pm
    Leadership Bible Study
    Baked Steak Dinner Drive Thru 3:30-5:30 pm
    Last – After School Program 3:30 – 4:45 pm Finger’s of Faith – 6 pm
    Food Bank & Clothes Closet LeadershipBibleStudy 7pm National Day of Prayer
    Happy Mother’s Day
    Last Day to Order Geraniums
    Ministers and Mission – 6 pm Food Bank & Clothes Closet Health and Safety Team – 6:30 pm
    Leadership Council – 6 pm
    Please Order your Geraniums for Pentecost and for in honor or memory of your loved ones.
    7 pm
    9-11 am Note from Pastor: Please be in prayer for United Methodist General Conference that will be happening from April 23-May 3, 2024. If you would like to follow details of General Conference, you can find daily updates on the conference website at: www.susumc.org. You will see a banner that says “General Conference News and Updates.”
    Need people to deliver meals on Sat. April 27th to Shut -In’s. Would deliver after 3 pm. Will be 5 to 10 meals, approx. in the Philipsburg and Clearfield area. Contact Judy Larson if interested.
    The Allport/Bigler/Woodland Work Camp will be June 16- June 21. The service area covers all of Bradford, Cooper, Graham, and Morris Townships. Work request forms are available on the Missions Table in the Welcome Center.
    The West Branch Area Food Bank services 120 families every month. They are looking for the following donations – April – Mac & Cheese- cereal.
    Looking for committees to help with some events coming up in May & June. If you have teapots & teacups that can be used for Tea Party in May, please contact Missy Maines or Julie Brooks for more information. Lots of fun stuff is coming up here at GUMC. Sign up sheet posted in church foyer.
    High School & College Graduates 2024: We will be celebrating your accomplishments June. Please pick up a graduate info sheet in the Welcome Center and return completed form by May 19.
    DayCare Needs – Check out Wish List:
    CheckouttheDayCareAmazonaccountWishList https://a.co/7HHMhOI ——– Tear or cut – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Gethsemane Cares!!!
    Update Us!!!
    Let us know what you are concerned about–people you haven’t seen in worship for a while, upcoming surgeries, family needs, shut-ins, any concerns? _______________________________________

Joys and concerns Our country, Pastor Julia & Jeff Piper, families, Church ministries, families grieving, Donna & Stan, Bob & Lillian, June Haas, Shirley Houdeshell, Dorothy Andrews, Anna, Harold, Denny, Rosie, Charlene, Ron & Rhonda, Ron & Judy Rothrock, Janet Larson, Harold, Abby Danko, Mike Yedlosky, Wendy, Penny, Dan Luzier, Kasey, Myrna McDowell, Linda S, C.J. Coudriet, Topanga.
This Weeks requests: Kyle, Naydea, Benson, unspoken, Barb Dudak, Gavin, Linda S., Joanne & Gary, Terry, Bill, Steve, Joyce F., Nancy & Bill, unspoken, Shirley Zimmerman, Charlene, unspoken, Louann & Louie, unspoken, Luke Burnisky – deployment, Greg Hall family, Steve, Anthony, Buck’s family, Marily, & Erling, Kimberly, April, Donna & stan, Deb, Elizabeth Welker, Eleanor, Susan, Mic, Richard, Bill Graham, Sarah, Micah, Tom, Hannah, Beth, Casey, Shanna, Senior’s, John & family, prayers for our world, & Peach, unspoken.
Last Week’s request: Becky Meek, Arlene, Jeanne & family, Linda S. Linda N, Sarah, Darlene Kolesar, Rose Ann , Delancy, struggles & the unknown, Kim, Jimmy, Dana Bean, Marie P- broken rib, & unspoken.
Praises: Great School Shows- Great job Matt E., Ashlergha G, and Sophie M. Wonderful talent by all. Had some beautiful sunny days this week. The Lordisworkinginsomefamiliesthisweek,allintherightdirection. Praises!!!
Prayers for Military Members Markus Hall, Ryan Lutz, Nate & Mary Burfield, Nate Kerlin, Sara Sabol, Tylan English, Eric Muir, Ben Handel, Lucas Kristofits, Dalton Foster, Andrew Dawes, LG Smeal, Luke Kosut, Jake Shaw, Hunter Hayward, Foxx Curley, Kendra Knepp, Zachary Coudriet, Anthony Guglielmi, & Noah Ryder.
Prayers for Susquehanna Churches:
Tear off and please drop in the offering box or call the church office.
Forksville UMC, Forksville ,
St Johns UMC, Dewart,
Mt Royal UMC, Dover,
Trinity UMC, Elizabethville,
Gendema UMC, Gendema – Sierra Leone, Newburg UMC, Newburg, Black Oak UMC, Port Matilda,
Sky Lake Camp & Retreat Center, Windsor, NY2
First UMC, Carbondale, Mt Carmel UMC, Three Springs, Newelltown UMC, Roaring Branch, Grace UMC, Lewistown,