Sun   6/9          8:15 am           Traditional Worship Service

                        9:45 am           Sunday School/ Breakfast for children                     

                        11:00 am         Contemporary Worship Service

                         6:30 pm          Hope Hall reserved – Ennis

Mon  6/10         6:30 pm          Karate

                       7:00 pm            Daycare Board   

Tues   6/11       8:00 am          Quilting

                         6:30 pm          Fingers of Faith

                         6:30 pm          GUMC Youth

                         7:00 pm          Garden Circle @Judy Larson’s home

Wed   6/12       9:00 am          Clothes Closet  Open

Thu    6/13       6:30 pm           Co-Ed Volleyball   

Fri     6/14        

Sat    6/15        8:00 am           Hungry Warriors

                        2:00 pm           Gym & Hope Hall rsvd – Jessica Perks           

GIVING & ATTENDANCE        June 2,  2019




                                    Worship Service Attendance       

8:15 – 93     10:45 -30    Sunday School  -26

            TOGETHER                   SEEKING GOD

FINGERS of FAITH  Crochet/Knitting group meets Tuesdays @ 6:30. Join the fellowship to learn, share a pattern or get help with a difficult stitch.

Gethsemane Garden Circle  Women’s Group will meet TUESDAY at 7 pm at the home of Judy Larson.  (111 Hoover Lane, Kylertown)    All ladies of the church are invited to become involved in this ministry.

Hungry Warriors Men’s fellowship group will meet SATURDAY 8AM at Kwik Fill restaurant in Kylertown with leader, Ron Beistline

Information for the next Church Newsletter needs to be in the church office by Wednesday, June 26.  Are you a leader of a ministry in the church? Are you a teacher of a Class here?  What will be happening in your ministry/class during the next few months?    Please take time and write a short paragraph for the newsletter so we can all thank God for what is happening at Gethsemane. 

Looking for a job with flexible hours?  Something that can be done in the evening or weekend?  This job would probably take between 2- 8 hours a week depending on room usage.  NEEDED a  person to  clean halls, kitchen, dishwasher room, take out room, and 2 bathrooms downstairs. The custodian would also need to be available to unlock/lock the church some Sunday mornings.  Contact church office (345-6860),  Pastor Jim or Susan Marker for more details. 

                        MAKING               NEW          DISCIPLES  

“Miraculous Mission”  Vacation Bible School will be July 7-11.  Please see Dee Coudriet if you would like to be involved. 

The New Group Sunday school class has become “The Breakfast Club” (for the summer).  We’ll be meeting at Robin Marshall’s house from 9:45 – 10:45 and we’ll be studying the book; Cold Case Christianity by J Warner Wallace.  Anyone ages 18 – 30 plus those who already attend the class are invited.  Call Robin 345-6601 or Glenda Dotts 339-7794 if you have any questions.

                        RENEWING THE WORLD

The second Sunday of the month is  West Branch Food Pantry Sunday.   If you forgot your non-perishable items, there is a container for donations of money.  

There is a Love Offering Today for the GUMC Youth Group who will be going to Keyser,  West VA next Sunday  for their mission trip.  The cost per teen is $225.  If anyone would like to donate money to help sponsor a teen, please place your money in an envelope marked Mission Trip and put in offering plate.  The youth are collecting scrap metal to help raise money.  If you have any scrap metal, please remind Steve (761-1722)  so he can arrange a pick up time.  

Mission Central HUB Project – During the months of June and July we will be collecting items for Cleaning Bucket kits.   There will also be a container for monetary donations.

        Items for the month of June

* Scrub brush – plastic or wooden handle (1 per bucket)

* Re-usable cleaning wipes-  Handiwipes (18 per bucket)

* 5 Scouring pads-  No stainless steel or pads with soap in them 

* Clothespins (30-50 per bucket)

* 50–100 ft. clothesline (cotton or plastic line) (1 per bucket)

* Heavy-duty trash bags (33–45 gallon sizes) (24 per bucket)

* Dust masks (1–3 mm thickness) (5 per bucket)

* durable Kitchen gloves (2 pairs per bucket)

* Work gloves – leather or  cotton with leather palm (1 pair per bucket)


There is a reception for our District Superintendent Lori Steffenson and her husband,  Ted at Faith UM Church Bellefonte (512 Hughes Street) TODAY,  June 9  from 2 – 4 p.m.   Lori will be serving at Fairbrook Extended, State College. The new District Superintendent for State College district will be Rev. Brenda Leigey.  

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