THIS WEEK AT GETHSEMANE                                                                           

Sun   4/14        8:15 am           Traditional Worship Service

                        9:45 am           Sunday School/ Breakfast for children                     

                        11:00 am         Contemporary Worship Service

                            3:00 pm           EASTER DRAMA

Mon  4/15      10:00 am           Chair Exercises 

                         6:30 pm          Karate             

                         7:00 pm          Leadership Council Committees

Tues   4/16        8:00 am         Quilting

                          3:00 pm         Afterschool Program

                          6:30 pm         Fingers of Faith

Wed   4/17        9:00 am         Clothes Closet  Open

                          9:00 am         WB Food Pantry

Thu  4/18         10:00 am         Chair Exercises                       

                          6:30 pm         Co-Ed Volleyball   CANCELLED    

                       7:00 pm            Grow Like A Willow

                       7:00 pm            Maundy Thursday service 

                                            @ Osceola Mills UM

Fri   4/19            noon              Stations of the Cross @ Trinity Philipsburg

                       7:00 pm            Good Friday Service @ Morrisdale UM

Sat  4/20            8:00 am         Hungry Warriors – CANCELLED

                      10:00 am           EASTER EGG HUNT

Sun 4/21            6:30 am         EASTER SUNRISE Service

                        7:15 am           Easter Breakfast          

GIVING & ATTENDANCE        April 7, 2019




                                    Worship Service Attendance       

8:15 –  94        10:45 – 38       Sunday School  -48

            TOGETHER                   SEEKING GOD

The Easter Drama will be held in the sanctuary TODAY at 3 pm.  Come and enjoy the story of Jesus – His life, death and resurrection.   

Help make the church beautiful this Easter.  You may purchase flowers in honor/memory of someone or to the Glory of God.  Order forms are in the Welcome Center.  LAST DAY to order TODAY.        

The Moshannon Valley Cluster of UM Churches Maundy Thursday service will be held 7 pm at Osceola Mills UM church. 

The Moshannon Valley Cluster of UM Churches Good Friday service will be held 7 pm at Morrisdale UM Church.  

Gethsemane’s Resurrections Egg Hunt will be SATURDAY  from 10 – noon for children up to 12 years.    Children are asked to bring a non perishable food item for the West Branch Food Pantry.   Would you like to help? People are needed to fill eggs and/or bring donations of money or candy.  Contact Dee or Georgette for more info.   Egg deadline: TODAY.  

Next SUNDAYResurrection Sunday will begin at 6:30 AM with Sunrise Service followed by breakfast at 7:15 AM.  

NEEDED: Someone willing to clean the white communion robes.  They are washable.  See Wayne Bambarger for details. 

                        MAKING               NEW          DISCIPLES  

The U.M.  Church offers a wide range of camps for all ages.  Check out the website at If you are interested, please let Penny know and we can help you earn your way.  

Monetary donations (Weis or Wal-Mart gift cards) are always welcome to help with cost of Sunday morning Children’s Breakfast.  If you would like to donate, please put money in envelope marked “Children’s SS Breakfast” and place in offering plate.  

                        RENEWING THE WORLD

The second Sunday of the month is  West Branch Food Pantry Sunday.   If you forgot your non-perishable items, there is a container for donations of money.  

BIG THANK YOU to all who helped with the World Vision 30 Hour Famine.  There were 29 participants (8 were elementary students who became “orphans” adopted by the teen tribes).  Ten teens were involved for the 1st time.  Four teens have no church family.  Six teens came from churches with no youth ministry. Food was collected for the WB Food Pantry and a total of $2,514.53 was raised of which $326.98 will stay here to help with local needs.  The money raised will help 54 kids survive a month or keep 5 kids alive for a year.  Since the famine began at GUMC, 96 children have been kept alive for a year.  

GUMC Daycare is hiring part-time and casual caretakers.  Requirements: high school diploma, clearances and 2 years experience. (Will help obtain clearances if needed). Contact Joy Billings 345-3809 or 762-6093

Ladies Self Defense Class will be held in the gym, Friday, April 26 from 6-8 pm.  Cost $20.  Taught by Grandmaster Wiles from International Christian Martial Arts Association. Any Questions: Contact Bryan Sanker 577-8318.

The Lighthouse Evangelical Church is sponsoring an Alcohol Awareness Program for teens and adults on Wed. April 24 at 7 pm.  Join us as we discuss alcohol’s affects on the body & society.  Discover what God’s Word has to say

The Allport- Bigler-Woodland Work Camp will be June 16-21.  Work request forms are available on the Mission table in the Welcome Center for those who need help from the work camp.  Give completed work request forms to Penny Shadeck or Dick Rothrock.  If you would like to be on the Work Team, applications are on the mission table.   

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